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orlando_moms's Journal

Moms of Orlando!
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I started this community to bring some Orlando moms together to share ideas and resources and hopefully make some new friends. Hopefully we can create a nice place here just for us.

Ideas of some things I'd like to see discussed in the community:

  • pediatrician recommendations

  • park reviews

  • fun spots for kids

  • kid-friendly restaurants

  • baby sitting

  • day care

  • local sales

  • local events

You get the idea, right?

For now, membership is OPEN to encourage people to join, but it might be closed later on. Please make all posts friends-only.

A few rules, of course:

1. Be respectful (pretend your children can see what you're typing!) Remember different people have different parenting styles. Just because someone does it differently than you doesn't make it wrong.
2. Don't offer advise or opinions if the poster didn't ask, in other words: No unsolicited advice.
3. All photo posts behind a cut
4. For sale posts ARE allowed using this format LJ-cut="FOR SALE: toddler clothing" or LJ-cut="FOR SALE: baby gym". Photos under a cut.

General location in Central Florida:
Kids' names/ages:
Favorite Orlando kids' activity:
What you'd like to see in this community: