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May 2011

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warzau_kitten in orlando_moms


I just got my paperwork to start a new chapter of NOMOTC.

GOMOTT is just too far for me to drive for playgroups and such. I am starting one for moms in Seminole county.

I am just wondering how many moms of multiples on this group are in Seminole county and would be interested in joining a chapter in Seminole county.

I am fairly sure I will be naming it Seminole County Mothers of Twins and Triplets or Seminole County Mothers of Multiples

Unless someone can suggest better name ideas.

I am going to read the packet this weekend and get things started.

My twins are due June 13th.

Also I am curious what week in pregnancy did the moms here deliver their multiples?
What hospital, doctor, and did you deliver vaginally or by c section, epidural or no?

Any complications in the pregnancy? preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, imcompetant cervix, bedrest, hospital bedrest? anything?

Just want to connect with other multiples moms and see how things went for them. I am at 27 weeks along now. They are each in their own sac with their own placenta but measure the same and all. It is 2 boys.


I made it to almost 38 weeks before my water broke. Both of my twins were head up, so I had to have a C-section. I delivered at Winter Park Memorial Hospital.
As a member of GOMOTT, I can tell you that we have MoM's all over the Orlando area, including Volusia, Seminole, Orange, Osceola and Lake County. Playgroups happen EVERYWHERE! If you're looking at the GOMOTT website, what you see listed there are clubwide playgroups, not ones just for your children's age group. Clubwide playgroups and Mom's Night Out, etc. change locations and move all around the Orlando area in hopes to accommodate all areas that we serve.

Even if you don't plan to join GOMOTT, I'd encourage you to find a way to make it to a meeting or two while you're still pregnant. You will get paired with a "Big Sister" who can help you thorugh the last few weeks of pregnancy and give you some support that you won't receive if you start up your own club.

Come to a meeting and see what happens so you know what you'll be getting yourself into when you spin off your own club.
If this pregnancy were not so hard on me I would probably try to attend a meeting. I am very uncomfortable right now and I am also embarrassed at my weight right now as well.

Today I woke with more lower back pain than I have had in ages and a lot of pelvic pressure.

Things are just getting really hard on my body. I don't even want to leave my house.
i'd come to a meeting, but i work on tuesdays. isn't that when the meetings are?
Tuesday at 7:30pm, yep. :) It's too bad you work that night. Although, you could join the club and do all the other activities and miss the meetings. Most of the time the meetings aren't THAT exciting. The fun stuff is in the playgroups, mom's nights out, group wide play dates and such.