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May 2011

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ATTENTION nursing mothers

Mamas and breastfeeding advocates,

This is the situation. There will be a "nurse-in" taking place this Fri at 12 pm at the Chick-Fil-A on University & Forsyth (address is below). A local mama was asked to cover up by the GENERAL MANAGER and given a kitchen towel to do so. She politely declined and when she got home letters were written to the corporate office as well as the general manager of this location.

No apology has been issued for violating this mama's rights and they've not yet said they were wrong and they would make sure this doesn't happen again. The letters written all included the Florida Statute that gives mamas the right to breastfeed their child anywhere regardless of what is showing (even though nothing was showing).

A large group of mamas (their main clientele...duh!) breastfeeding their babies, filling their entire restaurant would definitely get their attention. Lets be there to support this mama and to support our right to nurse our babies in public (as is the norm in other countries!)

Address of the Chick-fil-A
3391 University Blvd.
Winter Park, FL 32792
(407) 673-9661

Florida Statute
383.015 Breastfeeding.--The breastfeeding of a baby is an important and basic act of nurture which must be encouraged in the interests of maternal and child health and family values, and in furtherance of this goal:
(1) A mother may breastfeed her baby in any location, public or private, where the mother is otherwise authorized to be, irrespective of whether the nipple of the mother's breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breastfeeding.

For anyone who doesn't live close by and would like to help; feel free to call the location (407) 673-9661 and speak with someone there about it or email the corporate office http://www.chick-fil-a.com/#feedback


Wish I could go I have to work. I will write an email!