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Oct. 6th, 2008



Retiring, giving away parts of my website.

I started my website http://www.a-mommys-world.com in 1998. It is now a huge website and also a huge mommy chat too at http://www.openmommychat.com It is all connected and has more than 10,000 members.

Basically what is happening is I need to be the behind the scenes person from now on. I want more time to myself and want to give back to the people basically. For all the great moms who helped me build the site I want to give back.

I want to not have to be on top of it all now, I want to literally GIVE AWAY parts so that others can have their own mommy site and chat room if they want as well without all the work, costs, hassle, and tech work.

I have over 100 chat rooms and over 500 message boards within the chat and forums on my website.

Basically all you need to do is stake claim to what you want and if someone has not already claimed it, it is yours, for good.

You can put in your request for any changes and additins you want and I or my staff will get that done in 3-7 days. In the mean time you can get started and also feel more than free to bring in your members or invite people to your boards or chat.

No costs, no hassle. I just need to do this because I want to be able to have more fun and less work online.
I want to give myself the oppertunity to explore new thiings in life and start new projects.

However I have built a huge website and refuse to just shut down on the thousands of members who love and rely on it.

So there you have it. If you want your own mommy site without the work, stake your claim.


Sep. 18th, 2008



Playgroup/Mommy Group

2008 Babies of Central Florida Playgroup/Mommy Group

Central Florida Mothers of Multiples Playgroup/Mommy Group

Gothic Orlando Parents Playgroup/Mommy Group

Winter Park and Maitland Moms Playgroup/Mommy Group

Aug. 30th, 2008




I just moved to Winter park from Longwood and I can not seem to find any listings online for food delivery. Besides the obvious Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Dominos.

So are there any other pizza resturants, italian, chinese, etc. Anything other than Pizza hut, Dominos and Papa Johns that deliver?

Can anyone suggest a place that delivers and has half decent food?

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Jun. 30th, 2008



Winter Park & Maitland Moms & Twins Moms

My family is moving to Winter Park in one month. I have 2 month old twins.
I would love to get together with a group of moms in the area for playdates. The GOMOTT playgroups are too far for me to drive. Plus I hate paying a fee to be in a playgroup.



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May. 14th, 2008

pink roni heart


New Orlando mama blog!

If you've wondered where I am. Here's the answer:

If you haven't check out the Moms at Work blog, you're missing out. There's a great conversation going on about all things mama. And we want to hear from you!

A sampling:
Beyonce's Dereon brings out the trashy in your tot
Busy travelers forget toddler at airport, fly on
Do the math: How many kids can you have and still work full time?

Check us out here.

Sign up for the LJ syndicate

Follow us on Twitter.

May. 1st, 2008



Free stuff!

My blog is giving away a 3-pack of BPA-free Evenflo glass bottles.

Enter here: http://tinyurl.com/44cgft


50% off spa deals!

The Orlando Sentinel has teamed up with some spas to offer 50% on spa treatments. Mother's Day is next Sunday, so this is a GREAT gift idea. Or just treat yourself.

Apr. 7th, 2008



(no subject)

I work at the Orlando Sentinel, and we're starting a new blog for working moms. Of course, all moms are welcome. Please join our LJ feed.


Mar. 28th, 2008



I don't follow directions well.

Name/username: Susan/Hazylazysusan
Age: 31
General location in Central Florida: Sanford
Kids' names/ages: Jack 17.5 months
Favorite Orlando kids' activity: Central Florida Zoo- Seminole Towne Center indoor playground
What you'd like to see in this community: A way to network with and meet moms, discuss doctors, playgroups, gyms, etc.

Mar. 24th, 2008



Are you a photographer? Know one???

I am forming a local photographer network on my parenting website so that parents can seek out photographers in their local area to have their families or children photographed. Rather than always going with a nationally known photography companies such as the ones available at Sears, Olan Mills, The Picture People, JCPenny, Wal-Mart, Kiddie Kandids, etc. The page that local photographers will be on is still under construction but will be finished no later than thursday. I will then begin adding banners and text links for local photographers from every state in the United States. I wanted to let everyone know about the ability to list your photography company on the website under your state. If you know a photographer that has any experience in photographing Family, Babies, Toddlers, & Children, feel free to pass the word to them.

♥To get your local photography business listed please contact Photographers@a-mommys-world.com

♥ At this time we are only accepting photographers with experience in Family, Babies, Toddlers, & Children

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