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May 2011

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iateyourface in orlando_moms


does anyone know of any homes for rent for less than $1000?
me and my husband and our baby girl are looking for a home to rent. and we really need help trying to find something affordable or anything at all. O_O
thanks in advance!


I live up there and off hand I don't, but that doesn't mean they don't exist up here. I'll keep my eyes open if I do see anything.
thanks! :]
I saw two places for rent on Welch Road yesterday when I was driving-didn't get a chance to check them out but it might be worth looking at.

I forgot to ask if you ever pick up the Planter or the Chief? I know they both have real estate listings in them and might help.
ill let my husband know, hes in apopka right now. im in canada still. hes just working on getting a place for us so me and his daughter can come down there.
My husband is also Canadian-I'm not. We know a few other Canadian ex-pats who we hang around with sometimes; we've even hosted parties for Civic Holiday and hung a flag for Canada Day.

I'd tell him to check out the Planter and the Chief (their office is at the far end of downtown at Bradshaw and Main Street/OBT/441-I don't subscribe, but I sometimes buy a copy from the box outside the MacDonald's on Rock Springs in the Publix shopping center at Rock Springs and Welch. I'm sure they have other boxes around the city though.)
i hope you dont mind me asking but how did you get your husband to be allowed to remain in the states?
we're gonna file for the K-1 fiance form and hope it goes through. i dont see why it wouldnt especially if he has a child with me.
My husband was on an H1B visa when we got married. We met in 1997 when he was living in Ottawa, but didn't get involved for a couple of years after we met. He moved to the US in 2000 on an H1B visa, we got involved a couple of years later.

If you're not a member of immigration_wed there are a lot of K1 stories there.
thanks ill definatly check into that.

YES!! A lady on my playgroup has one ready to rent!!

here is the post.................

Hi Everyone....

We have a very cute 3 bedroom 2 bath house overlooking Lake Apopka available for immediate occupancy. It totally renovated and updated. All appliances including an over the range microwave and garbage disposal are included. The backyard is fenced in and has beautiful fruit trees.

Pets are permitted. Please e mail if you are interested in a prompt showing.

anyone who is interested in the house can call my husband for a showing...just e mail blakesma@gmail.com for the number :)

the rent is $900 a month
thanks. :)